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I ordered a hoodie online from a company called Dolls Kill, which came up on a Google search when I was looking for this particular product. They had the best price I could find out there for the product so I ordered it through them. When the product arrived, it wasn't what I expected and I returned it within 24 hours. I charged the product to my credit card, but they didn't reimburse me. When I contacted them they said they only offered store credit or exchanges. Even though the product was returned in the exact condition it was sent.

I checked the receipt and NOWHERE on the RECEIPT was the information that the product I ordered couldn't be returned for the full cost. Also NOWHERE on the RECEIPT or the CHECKOUT PAGE does it state that customers can only return a product for store credit or an exchange. The only place they state their return policy is on their customer service page, which is buried in a link at the bottom of their site. NOWHERE on their MAIN PAGE does it state their return policy nor on their clothing description pages, and again NOWHERE on their CHECKOUT PAGE at anytime does it outline their return policy. This should be made clear at every step of the purchase. An honest company would do so, and I have purchased from honest companies online who have made their policies clear and noticeable before the checkout process was complete in case I wanted to change my mind.

Dolls Kill does NOT appear to be an honest company. I have returned their product in mint condition, even in the same bag in the same manner it was packaged and there is no loss to them, but they refuse to give me back my $140!!!

I have fruitlessly searched their site for a possible replacement item, but it looks like they make clothes for crack whores, hookers and wannabe cocaine addicted teen models. No normal human being would wear their clothing and I certainly don't want anything they offer.

I have complained to my credit card company and the California Attorney General's office with no success so far. Apparently it's acceptable for this company to take my money and supply me nothing in return.

I advise anyone looking to purchase from Dolls Kill to avoid doing so. You probably will end up out several hundred dollars and with nothing to show for it.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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It says on the site. It's not their fault you didn't look up their return policy first



"Exchanges can be done using your store credit. Once you get your code, just place a new order at dollskill.com."



We offer store credit, which never expires, so treat it like cash!.

Def check out our Returns Policy."

I read this before ordering as I always check out a site entirely BEFORE making a purchase. Its actually been on their page for as long as I can recall.

I've had zero issues with them over having multiple purchases for not only a teenaged child but myself as well as they do have cute shoes, purses, and other accessories. Its just about checking out the actual site especially about returns.


just had the same thing happen to me for a $107 dress!! anyone have any luck getting their money back?


Yeah, I am really pissed about this too. Have you tried just calling your credit card company and telling them to do a chargeback?

I am seriously considering doing this, because there's nothing else I want from them on their site and I returned a dress because it was DEFECTIVE and I still can't get my $ back. Total rip off. Also their prices are way higher than everyone else's....!

Occasionally they will be cheaper if stuff goes on sale but then it's impossible to find your size. And the whole *** about their store credit code never expiring is total BS because in the email you get with your coupon code, it says it expires a year from issue date.

to KT #812338

Hey kt!!

store credit at dolls kill never expires ever!! I had that same e-mail and then I just e-mailed them and the made it valid for another three years.

then they said if I needed even longer they would change it again. helllloooo 200 dollars in store credit 8)


Call the bbb (better business bureau). They usually get you paid.


That certainly wasn't there a month ago.


Not sure if they updated the policy after you wrote this, but it clearly states they take exchanges or returns for store credit:

You may return your goods for size or color exchange or store credit.

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